Understanding Your Skin

"Nice to Meet You!" Getting to Know Your Skin

Understanding your own skin is the first step to good skincare. Use these tips to do your own facial analysis.

FEEL: Glide your hands upwards on your skin. Is it smooth and soft or do you feel a resistance and roughness? Roughness or resistance is a sign of excess dead skin and you need to exfoliate. Oily congested skin prefers Glycolic and Salicylic exfoliators. Dry skin prefers lactic acid and enzyme exfoliators.

HEAT: Heat in the skin can be a sign of sensitivity and capillaries. Stay away from grainy exfoliators, harsh drying products and washing your face with hot water. A simple routine is best.

BREAKOUTS: Inflamed breakouts can show internal disturbances. The face map will help understand your breakouts and what could be causing them. Sugar is a real baddie so keep it to a minimum and check your at home routine with your dermal therapist to see if any products are the cause.

PUFFINESS: Puffiness, pockets of fluid around eyes, ears and jaw line. This can be a sign of lack of sleep, stress, water retention or sickness. To improve this you need to reduce your salt intake, drink warm water and lemon, exercise and do yoga breathing.

LOOK: Small superficial fine lines around the eyes or fine striated lines on the face can be a sign of dehydration. Crepeyness is caused when a cell becomes flaccid because the do no contain enough water. Drink more water, increase oil intake and use products that contain hyaluronic acid. Up your intake of vitamin A and omegas – these ‘bubblewrap ‘ skin cells ensuring that they retain water.

For a full skin analysis, get in touch and our team will be more than happy to make a time to see you!