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A guide to Gua Sha crystals

gua sha crystal

Gua Sha stones are not only a wonderful addition your facial massage, in-clinic and at home, but each stone helps impart an energy to complement your mood. We have worked closely with Bex from Cosmic Cures on a guide to all the Gua Sha stones we offer at the clinic.

A note from Bex: 

"It's important to mention that this is all according to holistic therapies and if there are any medical issues then the client should go to a doctor… I always caveat any crystal healing work with this!"

Blue Sodalite

for clarity and communication

What Bex says

Blue Sodalite is a fantastic stone for self-expression. It aids in communication as it helps to expand our awareness of other people's needs, while also giving us the ability to speak our authentic truth. If you're having a discussion or argument, then sodalite promotes the feeling of understanding between parties with a fair exchange of information.

Sodalite is wonderful if you feel you’re not able to access your self-expression, and you want to be able to communicate your needs or opinions with calm precision. Therefore, it’s excellent for working with the Throat chakra. It also helps us connect to our 'inner truth' and as such it can also be used when working to balance and unblock the Third Eye Chakra. Need some crystal-infused clarity? This is the stone for you! 

Rose Quartz

for love and calming energy

What Bex says

Known as the ultimate ‘stone of unconditional love’, Rose Quartz is wonderful for all Heart Chakra healing practices. It not only opens us up to love and balances our heart chakra so we can move past pain, but it also enhances our ability to show love to others. Perhaps most importantly, it promotes self-love. It is thought to be effective in attracting new romances and developing intimacy.

The calming, soft pink glow of Rose Quartz helps during stressful times and it's wonderful to have next to the bed to aid a night of restful sleep. It also helps to restore trust and our faith in the love of others, not to mention our ability to show compassion. If you feel you need a dose of loving vibes, choose Rose Quartz.

Green Aventurine

for luck and prosperity

What Bex says

Want to feel as if Lady Luck is on your side? Green Aventurine is believed to help summon her! This is considered to be one of the luckiest crystals, and ushers in abundance and prosperity. It is known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’ and will keep serendipity on your side no matter what the situation.

A first date, a job interview, a competition - the energy of Green Aventurine is thought to encourage good fortune! It also fosters a sense of decisiveness, creativity and open-mindedness to other ideas: exactly what you need in order to have more chances of creating your own lucky breaks. Spark your own creative genius with this brilliant green crystal. 

White Jade

for balance and protection

What Bex says

To reduce stress, quiet an anxious mind, and generally feel as if you’ve taken a chill pill then White Jade is the calming crystal for you. It is thought to bring a sense of balance to your spiritual, mental and energetic body, so you feel emotionally at ease. It’s also a stone of protection and is thought to help shield from negative energy. If you are having trouble creating boundaries or feel there is toxicity surrounding you, then this could be what you need.

In traditional Chinese medicine, White Jade is believed to have healing properties for the liver, kidney, and immune system. It is also thought to improve circulation, making it ideal for skincare treatments. 

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