Introducing the Next Generation of IPL; AFT

Pigmentation occurs when your melanocytes, the cells that are responsible for the colour of your skin, misbehave and too much melanin is produced leading to uneven colouration. Pigmentation can be a result of different environmental, genetic, or internal factors which include:

  • Large dark spots as a result of UV exposure
  • Freckles - a combination of a genetic predisposition and UV exposure
  • Post inflammatory pigmentation caused by injury and trauma to the skin
  • Melasma or Chloasma - symmetrical patches that are the result of hormonal fluctuations
  • Vitiligo - autoimmune condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the pigment cells (melanocytes) causing pigment loss

It’s important to correctly diagnose the causes and type of pigmentation to ensure we take the best approach. If you’re looking to treat pigmentation, the first step is to book in for a consultation and analysis.

In the case of sun damage, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and freckles, one of the most effective ways to target pigmentation is with Pfeffer Sal’s Real Life Retouching AFT treatment.

What is AFT?

Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT), is a light-led treatment and the next generation and more advanced form of IPL. It is able to target pigmentation irregularities, vascularity, and broken capillaries.

Similarly to traditional IPL treatments, it works by light pulses being converted into heat and absorbed by the chromophore- the molecules in the skin that are responsible for its colour. This permanently targets the pigment while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Why did we choose to introduce AFT above IPL technology?

With AFT, lower energy is required to deliver better results with less discomfort than traditional IPL treatments.  AFT technology delivers different, gentle wavelengths that simultaneously target the skin on multiple levels during each pulse released. Unlike IPL, the light pulses created with AFT have a uniform energy density, so there is more control and a reduced risk of adverse reactions. With this technology, we are able to eliminate hotspots making the treatment more comfortable and efficient.

What's Involved?

Real Life Retouching is a relatively quick treatment with minimal downtime. It can be booked as a standalone treatment, or as an addition to your regular facial.

Your therapist will double cleanse the skin before applying an ultrasound gel and treating the desired area. The handpiece is set to the correct energy settings, it is then rested on the skin for a few seconds as the cooling head reduces the discomfort of the treatment. The pulse is then administered. Depending and intensity of the pigmentation, multiple passes can be made to increase the efficacy of the treatment. 

3-4 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart are recommended for optimum results. After the treatment, you may experience some mild redness and swelling but this usually resides within 24 hours of the treatment. 

Over the following couple of weeks, areas of pigmentation will darken and eventually flake off, revealing a more even skin tone.

Need to know:

  • Works best on fairer skin tones and not suitable for very dark skin tones or melasma & vitiligo (please see our ClearLift treatment for addressing melasma)
  • Perfect to target broken capillaries, age spots, rosacea and or other pigmentation irregularities
  • Delivers the closest thing to make-up free skin