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How to Care for Skin During Pregnancy

How to Care for Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring about a whole host of changes to your body which inadvertently plays a massive role in your skin appearance over the next 9 months.  The famous pregnancy ‘glow’ is unfortunately not a reality for everyone and due to fluctuations in hormones, your skin can suffer the consequences. Breakouts from excessive oil production, hormonal pigmentation, dehydration or general dryness can be very common. If you’re one of the lucky radiant few then making time for yourself is a good excuse to be pampered and ensure that glow continues through the incoming sleepless nights.

What can I do?

You can’t turn off those surging hormones, but you can make adjustments to your routine to maintain your skin through all the changes. To begin with, swap out any products that contain ingredients that aren’t recommended for pregnancy such as retinols and exfoliating acids. Don’t panic as there are some incredible alternatives out there that will deliver results whilst being safe for your and baby! Click our pregnancy and breastfeeding filter in shop for our edit.


You’ve probably lost count at how many times you have visited the bathroom but keep up your water intake! Hydration is key to keeping the skin healthy and happy during your pregnancy.


As you go through your pregnancy, the hormones may cause a type of hyper-pigmentation called melasma or chloasma, also known as the pregnancy mask, which appears in areas such as the forehead, upper lips and cheeks. It’s hard to treat during pregnancy (and might disappear altogether when the baby is born) but what you can do is prevent the pigmentation from darkening by applying an SPF daily. We recommend a mineral one as some chemical sunscreens are proven to reach the bloodstream.


Vascular changes are also common throughout pregnancy and can result in small vessels to appear on the face, neck, and chest. Some of these can resolve post pregnancy but the key is to improve skin barrier function and reduce potential sensitivity which leads to these vessels occurring in the first place. Be kind and gentle to your skin and try to avoid stripping, drying products.


Don’t forget to make time for you! It sounds simple but making time to invest in a weekly mask or monthly facial can be just what you need to feel rested and rejuvenated in mind, body, and skin!  

How can treatments help?

The go to treatment in clinic when you’re pregnant is the Gently Does It facial and believe us, you won’t be missing out on anything with this treatment.

The treatment offers a bespoke approach to deal with whatever your skin is throwing at you if your skin is being temperamental with breakouts, then we can offer a deep cleanse with extractions or if your skin feels dry and lacklustre then sonophoresis technology will infuse the skin to replenish water and vitamins that your body has been prioritising for your baby. Gently Does It also include adapted massage techniques that are suitable and safe in pregnancy.

 This treatment is gentle enough to take your pregnancy into account but it’s far from fluff.

We recommend this treatment every 4-6 weeks to ensure we are looking after your skin with every month.  

What products support improvement?

A fantastic ingredient to introduce in pregnancy is Niacinamide (Vitamin B) as it is a perfect all-rounder for a imbalanced, impaired and dehydrated skin. We recommend using this in the evening after cleansing as your skin goes through its most accelerated turnover when you sleep having the biggest impact. 


To faux that pregnancy glow, incorporate Vitamin C. It’s fantastic at improving radiance and protecting the skin from free radical damage. Apply in the morning after cleansing and then make sure you layer sun protection even if pigmentation isn’t present in the skin as your risk of developing pigment is higher. 


A weekly mask can give your skin the added boost it needs. We recommend masks rich in probiotics which leave your skin feeling hydrated, bright and resilient. Leave on for 20 minutes and put your feet up, take this time to rest while you can. 

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