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How to Care for Rosacea

woman with rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. Those who are experiencing rosacea typically develop redness across the cheeks, nose, and chin. The core cause of rosacea is unknown but can be linked to abnormalities in the blood vessels, gut imbalances, genetics, or lifestyle factors.  Papules may also be present in the areas of inflammation; this is called acne rosacea.

Method of self diagnosis

Rosacea mainly affects the central part of the face shaping butterfly redness across forehead, nose, chin and top cheeks. Those experiencing Rosacea often have an overactive blood supply and can easily become red and feel heat in the skin. Another common characteristic of rosacea is weakened capillaries that can easily break and create nets of broken veins around the nose and cheeks.

If you think you are exhibiting signs of Rosacea, look closely at your skin. Can you see diffused redness that is difficult to eliminate? Are there small spider veins present across the cheeks and nose area?

Take a note of your triggers. Early signs of Rosacea start showing around our 30’s and involve tendency to flushing affected by spicy food, alcohol and exposure to temperature changes. Note down any skin changes to identify any lifestyle factors that could be contributing to rosacea.

What can I do?

There are many lifestyle tweaks that you can do to manage and reduce the signs of rosacea.  Once you’ve identified your personal triggers, be that alcohol intake, vigorous exercise, hot temperatures or spicy foods, reducing your exposure to them will help to reduce vascularity and redness. 

Be gentle to your skin - avoid using physical exfoliators or rough washcloths and muslins that can damage the skin barrier and weaken the capillaries. 

Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools - chlorine is alkaline and affects the skin barrier leading to compromised skin. 

Wear high sun protection all year round and minimise direct sun exposure in hot months - heat causes vasodilation, where the blood vessels widen to release heat from the skin, and this can cause weak capillaries to break.


How can treatments help?

Early signs of rosacea can be quite successfully managed by changing habits and a tailored skincare routine and treatment plan. Our Gently Does It treatment is designed to strengthen the skin barrier, reducing sensitivity and redness. It incorporates live probiotics that improve the microbial mix of the skin and fights off pathogens that can cause inflammation, cell damage and collagen depletion. LED light therapy is also incorporated into this treatment and is clinically proven to treat rosacea. For an even more effective routine, standalone LED sessions in between treatments are recommended. 

If the rosacea is more advanced, we can look at treating it with AFT technology in our Real Life Retouching treatment, which can permanently treat redness and broken veins. They also have bio-stimulating properties, encouraging the production of the new collagen and leading to skin rejuvenation; this helps to strengthen the skin reducing future sensitivity to inflammation.

What products support improvement?

A gentle routine focused around strengthening the skin and reducing inflammation is best. Esse’s Sensitive Cleanser is a fantastic start to a rosacea routine, its creamy texture gently dissolves makeup, dirt and debris whilst allowing the skin to retain its natural moisture. To keep skin hydrated, Cosmetics 27 Essence 27 is rich in hyaluronic acid as well as a touch of vitamin C and Centella Asiatica extract to protect and repair the skin. 

To rebuild the barrier function, incorporate a niacinamide rich product such as Synergie Vitamin B into your routine. It’s a vital active for a strong skin barrier and also provides an extra hit of hydration. For a nourishing at home treatment, combine Cosmetics 27 Baume 27, Advanced Formula with a few drops of Odacité Ap +P Fragile Capillaries oil. Baume 27 will boost collagen production and repair the skin, whilst the oil will get to work strengthening the capillary walls. 

And last, but certainly not least, incorporate a mineral sunscreen into your routine every single day - no excuses! Protecting your skin from UV rays will reduce collagen damage and inflammation levels for calmer, stronger skin. Esse Sunscreen SPF 30 is fantastic for all skin types.


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