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How to Improve Skin Texture

How to Improve Skin Texture

When we talk about skin texture, we are referring to the skin’s superficial condition. At its best, skin is smooth and has an even texture. This smooth texture reflects light well and feels soft and bouncy. However, as your skin’s primary role is to protect you from the outside world, it’s no surprise that sometimes this can take its toll on your skin and make it feel course and irregular. Skin texture can be affected by a number of factors. Sometimes it’s due to specific skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, but it can also be down to environmental stressors like sun damage, poor exfoliation routines, or congestion. These factors scatter light instead of reflecting it, giving the skin a dull appearance.

Method of self diagnosis

There are many signs to look out for with uneven skin texture.

In bright daylight, look at your skin in a mirror.

Skin that has an irregular texture will look dull and flat, and you may be able to see flakiness or underlying congestion. Are there any enlarged pores or depressions in the skin from past trauma?

Run a hand up each cheek – any roughness or resistance is a sign of uneven skin texture. This is also a fantastic way to test if you’re in need of some exfoliation.

What can I do?

Reduce your water temperature to lukewarm when cleansing. Washing your skin with high temperatures can lead to significant stripping of the skin's natural oils leading to roughness and dryness.

Gym goers be aware of the impact of exercise has on the look and feel of the skin's texture. Excess sweating leading to water loss, increased exposure to bacteria and exertion resulting in excess flushing can all be contributing factors. Using a clean towel every time you visit the gym and sanitising equipment such as machines or yoga mats before use will help eliminate potential for bacterial build up and textural irregularities to occur. Washing hands before touching your face after exercising is also a must.

Smoking reduces blood flow and removes oxygen leading to dull, rough and lacklustre texture and makes it very difficult to achieve any radiance or skin glow. If you are a smoker, reducing or cutting out cigarettes will make a significant difference to your overall skin texture.

Don’t skimp on shut eye. Between the hours of 11pm and 4am, your skin is at its busiest renewing and repairing. If your skin does not have enough time to renew, dead skin cells can linger around for longer. A morning cleanse will help to rid the skin of these dead skin cells, for a smoother skin feel.

How can treatments help?

In treatments, we can use professional grade exfoliators to slough off the buildup of rough skin cells. Medical grade resurfaces will work deeper and stimulate accelerated cell renewal, pushing up healthier, smoother skin. We can also advance hydrating and nourishing actives deep into the skin which will plump the skin and improve radiance. Regular facials will mean it’s easier to maintain a smooth complexion at home.

Our favourite treatments for maintaining a smooth skin texture are:

Essential Facial

Glow and Go

For more advanced forms of skin texture that are down to textural irregularities such as sun damage, ageing, or scarring, skin remodelling treatments are a fantastic option. These treatments work on the principle of injuring the skin in a controlled way to stimulate significant collagen and elastin production. The treatments we recommend for skin remodelling are:

Forever You

Renew You

What products support 


If skin texture is a priority for you, finding a perfectly suited exfoliator is the first step. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, aids better penetration of your other products, and can also target congestion. For sensitive souls, an enzyme based exfoliator will gently nibble away without irritation. Synergie Luciderm and Elequra Intense Restore Mask are both great options. If your uneven skin texture is a result of congestion, reach for salicylic acid based products that will get into the pores and scoop out that debris. Synergie ReVeal is fantastic at decongesting the skin.

Retinols are also beneficial for textured skin. It encourages cell turnover, boosts collagen and elastin production and regulates sebum production so it really does target skin texture from every angle. Synergie Ultimate A, is brilliant.

Don’t forget to nourish your skin; healthy skin will have a better texture. Antioxidant serums will protect your skin from pollution and other free radical damage that can leave skin looking dull. Go for Odacite Acai+Rose Youthful Glow if you don’t tolerate vitamin C or are breakout prone.

How do I book?

Get in touch and we can advise the best treatment for your skin.

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