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Margo's Skin Journey

Margo's Skin Journey

I first started coming to Pfeffer Sal in 2019. As a makeup artist, I was splitting my time between London and Paris, and was seeing a facialist in Paris but I was starting to spend more time in London so was keen to find somewhere in the city. 

When I started coming to Pfeffer Sal, I had the Welcome Essential like most clients I think. The skin analysis with the machine was super interesting. It helped me understand, along with my therapist, what my skin needed. I recommend this to all my clients so they know how to treat their skin too.

I quickly moved on to more advanced treatments as I was looking for more advanced results. I’m in my late 40s and was experiencing fine lines, loss of glow, redness and skin texture so spoke to my Pfeffer Sal expert on what would help.

Throughout my skin journey at PS I have tried the Forever You laser treatment and Ultra Synergy microneedling, along with top ups of LED to boost collagen.

Forever You - laser for rejuvenation

I started out with the Forever You, it was excellent for skin plumping, glowing and lifting. I’ve recommended it to many friends and VIP clients. I love the results, and for me they last for weeks without any downtime. 

After pregnancy I had pigmentation around one eye, and was trying to solve it with skincare over the course of 6 years but it didn't work. I did a laser real life retouching to remove the pigmentation, and it removed it! I no longer need to use a high coverage concealer on the area. Flawless skin makeup is part of my signature makeup style and it’s great that I can represent that.

Ultra Synergy - microneedling

The next treatment I tried and have been doing more recently is microneedling. I wasn’t too familiar with microneedling before I got it. Some people may be scared that it’s painful, but it’s actually fine! With it the skin gets thicker, so as you do more, it’s actually less painful. As my skin was quite thick in the first place, we used the microneedling around the eye area too for fine lines and to help lift the area.
Over the last year I have had about 4 sessions to give my skin some plumpiness. It’s one of my favourite treatments for skin texture, pores, large pores on my nose and forehead. I’ve never done botox and I’m almost 49, so it has really helped!
With microneedling, there was a risk of redness, as my capillaries are close to the skin surface. We used the Real Life Retouching laser to remove redness after the course of treatments.

At home routine

I’m very religious with my skin routine, and use spf 50 always. As an MUA I know how important it is to take care of the skin on an ongoing basis. Mineral sun cream is great for me now, which was recommended to me from Jayne, my therapist at Pfeffer Sal. Nutrition is also key to good skin and I am sure to take collagen supplements and antioxidants. During lockdown, when I was unable to come in for treatments, I took part in an online consultation where I learned particular massage techniques for my skin, which was brilliant.

The results

Before I was using a lot of foundation, but with the regular treatments, I’m using a lot less foundation and skin makeup. My skin texture and pigmentation has improved, as well as congestion. Redness in my cheeks has been helped too. 
While the results have been incredible, I thought it was worth mentioning that the clinic experience is so serene and relaxing. The fact that you get into a bed for the treatment is amazing, especially in the winter - coming from outside is so cold!! It’s a wonderful place to relax when life is so busy. I also love the charcoal water - after 2 glasses I already feel more beautiful!

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