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Cozette's Skin Journey

Cozette's Skin Journey

"Pfeffer Sal knows what’s right for my skin and you can see it as there is never that angry purge you get after a lot of beauty treatments I have had in the past. These days, my skin is just really behaving and is nice and settled."

Cozette McCreery is a multi talented senior producer, working with the fashion and art industries and a DJ. She came to us with a rosacea flare-up, suspected to have been spurred on by hormonal changes associated with the peri-menopause and menopause.

Our initial review and recommendation

Therapist notes - Based on Cozette's concerns regarding uneven skin tone, vascularity (redness) on cheeks and loss of elasticity in the skin, we decided to recommend a rotation of two treatments: Real Life Retouching and Glow and Go, along with an at-home product treatment recommendation to maximise results and for maintenance.

  • Real Life Retouching uses an AFT laser where lower energy AFT light pulses are converted into heat and absorbed by the chromophore (the molecules in the skin that are responsible for its colour) delivering better results with less discomfort than traditional IPL treatments. This permanently targets the pigment vascularity, while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. 

  • Glow and Go treatment is one of our signature facials which involves a resurfacer/peel that helps to lift dead skin cells from the top surface of the skin and unveil brighter tighter skin coming from the bottom. This improves skin's internal structure and stimulates collagen activity.

Cozette’s treatment plan

Coz’s course of treatments consisted of 6 treatments over the spring combining Real Life Retouching and Glow and Go, and she topped up with a Glow and Go in October, following a busy fashion week. 

27th August - Welcome Essential Facial - where we analysed Cozette's skin and were able to determine a course of action.

14th February - Glow and Go

13th March - Real Life Retouching

5th April - Glow and Go

3rd May - Real Life Retouching

23rd May - Real Life Retouching

15th June - Glow and Go

6th October - Glow and Go

Cozette explains her skin history & journey in her own words

Skin history

“When I was a teenager I started getting rosacea, largely on my cheeks and I was looking flushed all the time. I could deal with the redness but the bumpy texture and sensitivity to touch concerned me the most. I had understanding parents, so they sent me to somewhere on Bond street (this was the 80s) and she gave me this whole routine including a scrubbing lotion, which I didn't get on with as it was too harsh. Then I went to Eve Lom and she recommended I stop using these specific treatments, think about diet and use the minimum of products all of which helped at the time."

"Now, in my 50s, along with the perimenopause and menopause, my hormones are all over the place and with that my rosacea has flared up again. I know the menopause is a buzz topic at the moment, and it’s great that it’s getting more attention, but when it comes to skin I don’t like how many companies are labelling products for menopause and charging more! Anyway I decided that wasn’t the route I wanted to take so worked with Pfeffer Sal to help with exactly what I needed supplementing a routine I already have.”

The Treatment Programme

Glow and Go

“One of the treatments I have been having are the Glow and Go facials. I never thought that peels would work (they seem so scary and invasive!) and knowing how my skin reacts to things, I didn't want my skin to look like I had done something extreme to it."

Therapist note: We work with skin resurfacers (often referred to as peels - sounding much more scary than they are!) and are normally derived from fruit acids or enzymes. These are a great way to correct skin tone and texture with very little to no downtime.

"I now come in for a Glow and Go about every three months usually at the end of fashion month, when I’m often exhausted and I feel like my skin needs a booster and gentle exfoliation. I find whenever I have used exfoliating products at home, I get redness and irritation around the nose and my skin can flare up so I leave it to the experts.
I’ve never felt the need to use botox, threads or fillers mainly out of fear that they would make me look too different. I like to work with what I have and enhance my skin, at whatever age.”

Real Life Retouching

“The most advanced skin treatment I’ve ever done was the Real Life Retouching AFT laser treatment.”

Therapist note: While the word laser may sound scary, the laser we use during this treatment does not alter the top layer of skin. It uses light and heat to break down pigment or inflammation in the skin. 

“Like with the peels, I thought ‘how is hurting my face going to help the fact that my skin hurts?’ I went in to do a trial patch to see how I reacted to it and it was fine! The feeling of the AFT is hot and sharp but then it disappears, plus the downtime is minimal. You don't come out of the treatment in any pain."

"I had a course of 3 treatments over a few months, and the results were pretty instant. After the first round many of the capillaries across my nose and cheeks had almost disappeared. Within about 3-4 days after each treatment, my skin wasn't as sensitive to touch.”

“It’s incredible when something works so well like that. It made me feel much happier about my skin and meant that I didn't have to wear a heavy concealer on the red areas, particularly around my nose. Although anti-aging wasn’t my main intention, a bonus is that with the laser, you get a rejuvenation. I felt that it gave me an extra collagen boost, and buoyancy on my bone structure!”

What Cozette loved about her treatments

“I love the alginate mask used during treatment - it feels like a cold putty put over your eyes and mouth. It’s weird at first but the weight and coldness of it is strangely comforting. My skin really likes it.”

Therapist’s note: The alginate mask uses a compound derived from marine algae that is often used to calm inflammation, and we sometimes use it during Essential Facials and in this case Glow and Go. Leaves the skin supple, refreshed and radiant, and helps the active ingredients absorb into the skin.

“I also love the LED light treatment. I have to apologise to my dermal therapist as I always fall asleep under it. It’s like a holiday sleep - instant and deep! The LED has done really great things for my rosacea and my capillaries.”

Meanwhile back at home

“If you feel like something in your own routine is working, they won't push something that they are selling, which is so lovely. I now use Synergie Skin DermaCalm, Odacité Rose Gommage Mask, along with products I have been using for a while, e.g. a facial oil, cleanser and SPF."

"I have found a simple routine with nourishing ingredients. I am of the opinion that your skin is more sensitive because it’s dry or you've used too many products with active ingredients. I am lucky as I am sent lots of different products, and quite often it doesn't work and is confusing. I love that Pfeffer Sal has armed me with advice on products to use at home, without being pushy or salesy.”


“What I love is how Pfeffer Sal work with your existing skincare habits. They really listened to how I do my own routine, which is really simplified. It wasn’t a 10 step programme. Also, sometimes things do not work for the skin -  it can be a trial and error process. For example, we trialled cream cleansers, which my skin didn't like, so we realised something lighter was better for me.”

“The ritual of having these sessions really does help. I always come out feeling relaxed. I sleep really well the evening of the facial and the days after. People even compliment me on my skin weeks after - you’d think that would mainly happen in the days after. Also, Pfeffer Sal knows what’s right for my skin and you can see it as there is never that angry purge you get after a lot of beauty treatments I have had in the past. These days, my skin is just really behaving and is nice and settled.”

If you’re planning to visit us regularly, or embarking on a skin journey with us, why not go for a course of treatments? You are welcome to mix and match treatments too.
Buy 3 treatments, receive the 4th half price.
Buy 5 treatments, receive the 6th for free.

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