We recommend booking our signature Welcome Essential facial before taking this treatment for a more thorough analysis of your skin.


Ultra Synergy

You’re not afraid to hit the Chamonix slopes at full speed or surf off Juan-les-Pins. You know where to find chilled prosecco after midnight on a Thursday. You believe that we’re all as young as we feel, but your skin disagrees (typically stubborn of it.) As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients due to sun exposure, diet, hormonal changes, pollution, stress and general merriment, but it’s not too late to set it straight. Our advanced youth-boosting facial harnesses the power of amino acids, as well as optimum grade vitamins and hyaluronic acid for truly phenomenal, long lasting results. Perfect for beauty addicts who are hyper-educated in skincare or those looking for a youth-enhancing treatment. This is the Ferrari of facials.

£260 - 1HR 20MINS

Skin Type

  • Lacklustre skin
  • Fine lines

It Helps To

  • Firm, lift, plump and minimise fine lines
  • Enhance vitamin delivery using gentle microneedling
  • Retexturize skin and hydrate

Down Time

  • A little bit of redness for 48-78 hours
  • Skin can feel dry for several days afterwards and you may experience mild flaking as the new skin is being pushed through

Pre Treatment

  • Don’t use retinols or exfoliate for a week before this treatment
  • No hair removal for a week prior to treatment


Our skin is designed as a barrier to keep things out so microneedling creates microscopic channels in the deep layers of the epidermis and top part of the dermis, allowing our exclusive cocktail of peptides, aminos and vitamins to get right into the skin. What this triggers is the regeneration of a healthy, brighter, smoother complexion.

Skin Education

Learn more about the magic and mystery of Microneedling and our PS beauty secret.

what’s Involved

The star of this treatment is mild microneedling, used to improve skin health and fight the signs of ageing. This high-tech method has the added benefit of establishing a pathway for the potent cocktail your therapist personalises for you, that will plump, firm and refresh your face. Consult with your therapist if you would like to advance onto deeper medical needling at a later date for even more dramatic results.

Ultra Synergy includes the dreamy double cleanse of an outstanding facial, followed by an application of topical anesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable and a lush shoulder massage.

After the needling process, we will use the near infrared Dermalux LED light to help bring down any inflammation and a treatment mask to aid hydration. It’s all about feeding the skin, not freezing it. Forget aggressive peels or Botox, our ultimate rejuvenating treatment promotes the development of collagen and elastin along with cellular renewal. Your body has the capability to marvelously heal itself  - it’s just a question of giving it the right encouragement.

Post Treatment

Change your pillowcase and bed sheets on the night of the treatment and avoid wearing any make-up (except mineral) for the next 24 hours. Swerve the gym, sauna and steam (or any heat treatments for that matter) for 48 hours or until the skin has fully recovered and – as tempting as it might be – work your hardest not to pick or touch it. No exfoliating or extractions for one week and avoid sun exposure (including fake sun, like sun beds or fake tan) for two weeks. Make sure you use an SPF ongoing, especially if you know you’re going to be outdoors.

Make this part of your routine

We find this treatment works best as part of an ongoing programme. If you’re planning to visit us regularly why not buy a course of treatments.

Buy 3 treatments and the 4th is half price.

Buy 5 treatments and the 6th is free.