We recommend booking our signature Welcome Essential facial before taking this treatment for a more thorough analysis of your skin.


Gently Does It

Don’t even say the words ‘double espresso’ - your day begins with hot water and lemon. You’re a clean-living, clean-eating, organic-loving idealist with a penchant for yoga and a hefty Wholefoods habit. After all that good behaviour, you want stellar skin as a pay-off, but your sensitive complexion is prone to playing up (it’s in disgrace for that). Sensitive skin can be prone to react like a badly-behaved child, suffering tantrums in the form of dryness, redness and tightness. It’s time to reinstate some discipline around here. This treatment delivers stunning results by harnessing the power of scientifically led, carefully selected ingredients and technology, in fact it was the first treatment in the world to incorporate live probiotics. It has been designed to deliver advanced results for sensitive skins, pregnancy or the discerning haute hippy herbivore. Yes, it’s insanely relaxing, but this facial is far from fluff.

 £185 - 1 HR 20 MINS

Skin Type

  • Suitable for delicate, sensitive skin
  • The ideal option for facial first-timers
  • Perfect for those experiencing redness
  • Perfect for pregnancy

It Helps To

  • Soothe and rejuvenate stressed or aggravated skin
  • Boost collagen production
  • Calm inflammation
  • Build a barrier function and reduce sensitivity

Down Time

  • Virtually none, depending on whether or not extractions were performed

Pre Treatment

  • Don’t use retinols or exfoliate for 3-5 days before this treatment
  • No hair removal 24 hours prior to treatment


Gently Does It is the first treatment in the world to incorporate live probiotics. What separates these probiotics and makes them superior is that they are stabilised and based in oil, which activate and start to grow when they encounter water on the surface of the skin. The live probiotics improve the microbial mix on the skin; microbes are present throughout the dermis, epidermis and adipose layer,  all of which are key to optimal skin function and reduced sensitivity.

Skin Education

Learn more about clever old Probiotics, Sonophresis, Growth factors and omegas.

what’s Involved

This facial includes a thorough deep cleanse with extractions, a dynamic face-lifting massage, a tailored treatment mask and LED light therapy (omitted if pregnant).

A custom-blended serum will be enhanced by advanced sonophoresis or mesoporation technology. And, in addition to this, to boost collagen and skin radiance in the treatment, we use EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which are cellular activators grown in barley plant seeds. These act like messengers, telling the skin cells to speed up their renewal process and boost radiance. Deeply nourishing and soothing, it firms and improves skin texture. The wonder elixir also rehydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

Post Treatment

Change your pillowcase and bed sheets on the night of the treatment and avoid make-up (except mineral), the gym, sauna and steam (or any heat treatments for that matter) for 24 hours or until the skin has fully recovered. As tempting as it might be, work your hardest not to pick or touch the skin. No exfoliating for 3-5 days and best to avoid extractions and sun exposure (including fake sun, like sun beds or fake tan) for one week. Make sure you use an SPF ongoing, especially if you know you’re going to be outdoors.

Make this part of your routine

We find this treatment works best as part of an ongoing programme. If you’re planning to visit us regularly why not buy a course of treatments.

Buy 3 treatments and the 4th is half price.

Buy 5 treatments and the 6th is free.