We recommend booking our signature Welcome Essential facial before taking this treatment for a more thorough analysis of your skin.


Real Life Retouching

Your skincare routine is mastered. You have your regular facials, know your seasonal skin triggers and the products that are best to combat it. You never go on holiday without SPF and can count the amount of times you have made it to bed without religiously following your nightly skincare regimen on one hand. No matter how refined your pores and blemish-free your skin is, concealer is still part of your daily routine. It can’t be disputed - you are committed to your skin health. But even those at the top of their game need a helping hand to reach the peak of perfection. Enter our Real Life Retouching treatment. This non-invasive facial incorporates Advanced Fluorescent Technology (otherwise known as AFT - the next generation and advanced form of IPL), to target pigmentation irregularities, vascularity, and broken capillaries.

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Skin Type

  • Not suitable for clients with melasma, or during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Great for rosacea, sun damaged and vascular skin

It Helps To

  • Target broken capillaries, age spots, rosacea and or other pigmentation irregularities
  • Deliver the closest thing to perfect, make-up-free skin

Down Time

  • 1-2 days
  • Expect some residual darkening of pigment before it fades
  • You may experience mild swelling, mild redness, and a mild heat sensation

Pre Treatment

  • Don’t use retinols or exfoliate for a week before this treatment
  • No hair removal a week prior to this treatment
  • No tanning or sun exposure for at least two weeks


If you’re looking to achieve an even skin tone, or reduce that redness once and for all, this treatment has got your name all over it.

Lower energy AFT light pulses are converted into heat and absorbed by the chromophore (the molecules in the skin that are responsible for its colour) delivering better results with less discomfort than traditional IPL treatments. This permanently targets the pigment, while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Clever.

Skin Education

Find our more about how AFT works and why it’s so much better.

what’s Involved

Your therapist will double cleanse the skin before applying an ultrasound gel and treating the desired area. The machine has a cooling head to make the treatment more comfortable.

It can be a stand-alone treatment or booked as a wonderful additional to your existing preferred facial, to really take results up to gold medal status.

Post Treatment

Change your pillowcase and bed sheets on the night of the treatment and sleep slightly elevated to avoid swelling. Don’t wear make-up (except mineral) for the next 24 hours and swerve the gym, sauna, and steam (or any heat treatments for that matter) for 48 hours or until the skin has fully recovered. As tempting as it might be, work your hardest not to pick or touch the skin. No exfoliating or extractions for one week and best to avoid sun exposure (including fake sun, like sunbeds or fake tan) for two weeks. Make sure you use an SPF ongoing, especially if you know you’re going to be outdoors.

Make this part of your routine

We find this treatment works best as part of an ongoing programme. If you’re planning to visit us regularly why not buy a course of treatments.

Buy 3 treatments and the 4th is half price.

Buy 5 treatments and the 6th is free.