Our Tiny Footprint

We’re going to put it out there; science talk isn’t sexy, especially the sort you did at school. Periodic table here, Bunsen burner there – yawn, pass us a pillow and eye mask. But what about the ingredients that go into your skincare? Getting warmer? Or juicier still, the ingredients that don’t go into your skincare, to ensure both your complexion and the planet are sufficiently protected? Now there’s an attractive thought. Here at Pfeffer Sal, not only are we always thinking about how we can help the environment but we are invested in improving your skin’s health too. So, in the name of you living your best life, we’ve shunned the following list of ingredients from our professional and retail product edit, because you and the environment simply deserve better. Ingredients beware: if your name’s on the list, you’re not coming in.

Ingredients we don't include





Formaldehyde Donors

Mineral Oil

Palm Oil




Chemical Sunscreens


Behind the scenes

Whilst it’s all very well preaching about how environmentally friendly we are, honestly (and we’re all about honesty) the proof is in the pudding. Because being kind to the planet doesn’t stop at which ingredients we do or don’t include in our skincare products – we use essential stuff behind the scenes too; stationery, packaging, waste management, and other logistical bits and bobs, all of which help to keep our company ticking and contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint. Hey, we’re just here, trying to save the world, no biggie.

Stationery and Ecommerce Packaging

Paper, packaging materials and boxes: for Pfeffer Sal they’re a bit like clothing (bear with...) You require it daily – usually - but you don’t want it to have come from an unethical source or to have compromised the world we live in. That’s why we work with suppliers who are committed to finding ways to put their kid-gloves on and be kinder to the planet. Deforestation? Nope, not here. Recyclable? You betcha! Every last bit of it, actually. Even the adhesive on the courier labels, even the glue. Yup, biodegradable glue - get into it. So forget separating your Pfeffer Sal order packaging into different bins, it’s our pet hate. Just plonk it all (yes, all) into the recycling bin and it’ll be good to go again and again. Even our printers are massively planet-aware and are best buddies with the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, which means that any orders we make will be produced in an environmentally friendly way. You can send us an e-hug later.


We know what you’re thinking. Those pesky delivery vehicles pollute the air with their fumes and damage our planet. We hear you, only with a few extra adjectives to describe them thrown in for good measure (Us? Bitter?). So, in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint, all the goods from our same-day delivery service are delivered via pushbike, tube or foot for zero air-cloggage (and to enable us to breathe in that air with a clear conscience). And finally, our rubbish isn’t actually rubbish. (No, we’re not talking rubbish...boom boom). It goes way beyond the bin – to First Mile in fact – to be recycled or turned into electricity. Mind blown? We hope so.