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Spotty Summer at Home Product Pack

The ultimate edit for keeping summer breakouts at bay
What does it do?

The Spotty Summer pack will draw out impurities, regulate sebum production, target any pesky breakouts, and protect your skin from UV rays without leaving it feeling like an oil slick.

Best for

Congested and acne prone skin in need of some extra support over summer.

Why do i need it?

Hot, sweaty weather and thick SPFs can be the perfect recipe for an outbreak. This kit has everything you need to keep your skin calm and under control.

what’s the secret?

Along with this tailored pack of products, the Spotty Summer pack includes a virtual consultation with one of our therapists so you’re equipped with the knowledge to care for your skin this season. You’ll also make a saving along the way! RRP: £344 (saving of £94). The Spotty Summer pack is packed with decongesting and hydrating ingredients and includes a body exfoliator to target those hard to reach breakouts on your back and chest.

The pack includes:

Synergie Skin hydroGel - A hyaluronic acid-pumped hydrator that is light as a feather and filled with delicious botanical ingredients to target acne causing bacteria as well as reduce oil production.

Esse Skincare Sunscreen - A mineral based sunscreen packed with antioxidants to provide broad spectrum coverage without leaving a chalky residue.

Karuna Skin Matte Mud Mask - A mattifying mask that absorbs excess oil and improves skin texture

Ling Skincare Drying Lotion - A pimple eraser! A little tiny miracle worker in a bottle that gets to work on any spots and pimples that need to be got rid of pronto.

Synergie Skin Bacne - A targeted breakout treatment for those hard to reach areas on the body.

skin education

Skin in need of some extra twinkle?

How to brighten your complexion

how to use it

When your pack is delivered, we’ll get in touch to book in your virtual consultation and we'll take you through everything

it should last

3-4 months

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