Near InfraRed (NIR)

Near InfraRed is an invisible wavelength of light that is used to treat a variety of conditions in light led treatments such as LED or laser. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties making it fantastic for wound healing. It accelerates cell repair and the release of growth factors and is clinically proven to treat hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production. When harnessed correctly, it is also able to achieve dermal heating, resulting in the contraction of skin fibres and collagen stimulation for an overall skin tightening effect. 


The idea behind needling is to create tiny little micro punctures to the skin to allow wonderful aminos and vitamins into the surface (micro) OR create controlled trauma to stimulate collagen and regeneration (medical). 

There are many different needling devices that may be used: derma rollers, electric dermapens and derma-stamps. The treatment name and effect can vary depending on the length of needles used. At Pfeffer Sal, we use an advanced medical device called Skin Pen that provides a high frequency microneedling. It is the only FDA certified devise and can claim zero contamination. Medical skin-needling is an established clinical procedure used as a key treatment for acne scars, open pores, sun damage, facial and décolletage lines and wrinkles. More superficial needling promotes more supple hydrated skin and contributes to a milder skin rejuvenation effect with minimum downtime.


Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3.It is the most bio available form out of the group of vitamin B due to its high stability. Vitamins from this group are particularly famous for their soothing and healing properties 

It plays an important role in strengthening and maintaining the skin barrier by increasing the production of ceramides – the building blocks of our barrier. It helps to regulate oil production as well as being a melanin suppressant for a more even skin tone. It’s also incredibly hydrating, anti-inflammatory, brightening and helps the skin retain its natural moisture.