Understanding your skin

Work It Out

You’re a Yoga by Adriene disciple and get down and boogie with Frame’s Dance Cardio on the regular. You’ve nailed the home workout routine and you’re feeling great for it but… did you know you can work your face out too? Yes… it really is a thing!  

Just as bicep curls strengthen and tone your arms, doing exercises and stretches can lift, tone and strengthen the muscles in your face too.

As an added bonus, there’s no need to join a zoom class. These exercises are so easy you can do them at your desk, in bed, or whilst you watch your favourite series…

If you need an eye opener…

Strengthening the muscles underneath the skin will increase firmness around the eye area, preventing the skin from folding over itself.

Begin by gently squinting without moving any other muscles in the face

The apply light pressure with one finger on the outside of each eye and squinting and relaxing your eyes

REPS: 3 X 15

If you’re looking to avoid tech neck…

Spend half your life looking down at your phone? Don’t worry, we are guilty too!

This can cause weakness and fine lines to appear on the neck. Kissing the ceiling will help to strengthen the neck muscles, increase elasticity and define the jawline. 

Raise your head so you are looking at the ceiling and kiss the air 15 times before resting and repeating. 

This will strengthen the neck, define the jawline and increase elasticity.

REPS: 3 X 15

If you’re aiming for no-need-to-contour cheekbones

Find yourself staring at Naomi Campbell’s cheek bones a little too much?

Cheek exercises will lift the skin, prevent hollowness and increase definition in the cheek muscles.

Begin by puffing your cheeks out at the same time and release the air, holding your lips in an O shape.

Then take turns to inflate and deflate each cheek, switching from side to side.

REPS: 20 X both cheek puffs

10 X alternate cheek puffs

If you want to turn that frown upside down…

Whether it’s furrowing in annoyance or raising in surprise, if you don’t want your feelings to stay on your forehead, you can counteract deep expression lines without the need to freeze the skin.

Widen your eyes as far as you can and hold the pose for 30 seconds or as long as you can handle it. This works the muscles around the eyes and forehead, helping to support and firm the skin.

REPS: 3 X 30 second holds

P.S. Just like regular exercise, the more you do these workouts, the faster you will progress and improve your skin’s health!