Try Our Plane and SImple Routine for Flight Travel

Do you always arrive at your destination with breakouts and dryness that you didn’t pack?

Being cabin bound for a long time can wreak havoc on your skin. The combination of dry air and lower oxygen levels can leave skin feeling tired, dry and congested, but don’t despair! With the right carry on products, you can restore your skin to its pre-flight best.

In the terminal...

Whilst it’s tempting to board the plane looking your fabulous best, cleansing is the first step to maintaining happy skin on your journey. Double cleanse the morning of travel and if you can, don’t wear makeup. Clearing your skin of impurities will limit the amount of breakout-causing bacteria and also enable your serums and oils to reach where they need to be. The Brad Sea Minerals Cleanser is a great all-rounder to keep in your carry on. It’s such an efficient cleanser as well as being packed full of anti-inflammatory and barrier-repairing ingredients. 

Make sure to fill up your reusable water bottle before you go. That little cup every few hours will not suffice!

Once you've boarded...

It’s time to hydrate. After washing your hands to rid them of any plane nasties, apply a serum containing hyaluronic acid like ZENii Hyaluronic Booster Serum. This will keep your skin’s hydration levels high. Be generous as the humidity in the cabin is 40% lower than outside and don’t forget about your neck and décolletage. 

Chosen your in-flight entertainment? Press play and take your time gently massaging in your favourite face oil. The oil will nourish your skin and protect it from losing further moisture. The act of facial massage will boost your skin’s circulation and enable the oils to penetrate deeper. Treat yourself to the decadent Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum or, if you prefer creamy textures, the Esse Cream Mask is rich in plant oils and extracts that will aid moisture retention. Then, apply a mineral SPF.UV rays are even stronger in aeroplanes so it’s important to keep your skin protected. Soleil Toujours Extreme UV SPF45 will do the job without leaving a trace.

Once you’ve massaged, don’t touch! Buckles, armrests, and handles can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other creatures. Avoiding contact with your face will reduce the chance of bacteria reaching your skin. Take some inspiritation from Naomi Campbell’s flight routine - she’s got the right idea! If you want to combat bacteria we often travel with a small bottle of colloidal silver which you can spray on and around your seat area.

After landing...

Cleanse again. We may sound like a broken record but cleansing as soon as you can after landing will wipe away impurities and any remaining product. Then, gently exfoliate to rid the skin of any dryness and re-hydrate again before your normal daily routine.

14-hour flight? You’ll look like you took a taxi from just around the corner.

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