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The Best Products for Congested Skin

Congestion is the build-up of dead skin cells, sweat, impurities, and sebum in the pores. As this debris builds up, if it’s unable to leave the skin it becomes trapped and leads to blackheads, uneven skin texture and a dull appearance.

Congestion has many causes including dehydration, overproduction of oil, poor cleansing routine, or regularly touching the face.

What should your routine look like?

When targeting congestion, you need to focus on shifting excess oil and debris before it can clog the pores, as well as preventing excess oil production through optimum hydration. It’s important that you’re not stripping the skin when targeting congestion as this ultimately will not be successful. A gentle approach is always best.

Best Cleansers

  1. Universal Cleansing Gel
    Brad Biophotonic Skincare
    Universal Cleansing Gel
A detoxifying, exfoliating, and anti-inflammatory cleanser
Why we love it

This is a treatment cleanser that’s fantastic for rough, textured, congested skin. It contains salicylic and glycolic acid to shift dead skin cells and reach into the pores to target any blockages. Use as a treatment cleanser 2-3 times a week.

  1. UltraCleanse
    Synergie Skin

A wonderfully gentle soft gel cleanser that gives your skin a deep clean without drying you out.

why we love it

This is a truly thorough cleanser that won’t strip the skin as it gets to work dissolving makeup, excess oil, and debris. Use morning and evening and make sure you’re massaging it into the skin for at least a minute to deeply clean.

Best Treatment Serums

  1. Pure 27
    Cosmetics 27
    Pure 27

A corrective and reparative serum specifically formulated for acne-prone skin.

why we love it

This is a targeted serum for breakout prone and congested skin. It’s deeply hydrating without being rich and also contains niacinamide to regulate sebum production as well as zinc gluconate which manages bacteria levels in the skin, preventing breakouts from becoming infected and inflamed. Use morning and evening as your hydrating serum.

  1. Ultimate A
    Synergie Skin
    Ultimate A

This is a powerful night serum packed with stabilised retinol to improve skin function, feel and behaviour.

why we love it

Vitamin A is a real saviour when it comes to treating congested skin.It normalises skin cell turnover, preventing dead skin cells clogging pores. Vitamin A also reduces sebum levels and inflammation.

  1. Jo+L Clogged Pores
    Jo+L Clogged Pores

A true decongesting hero - this oil is fantastic at reducing blackheads and smoothing skin texture.

why we love it

This little vial is packed full of jojoba oil which has a very clever chemical structure that mimics our sebum. This nifty charade tricks your skin into reducing its own oil production, which in turn means that there is less sebum ready and waiting to clog pores and cause blockages. 

Best Masks

  1. Organic Peat Mask
    Vestige Verdant Organic Skincare
    Organic Peat Mask
    From £39.00

This mask is an organic force of nature that covers your skin in the detoxifying benefits of thousands of years of untouched rare Estonian organic peat and nothing else.

why we love it

This incredible mask deeply purifies the skin, absorbing impurities including heavy metals from even the deepest layers of the skin. We use this in our Correct, Prevent and Perfect treatment to draw out congestion. 

  1. Detox anTiox
    Synergie Skin
    Detox anTiox

A de-congesting and purifying mask that regulates sebum production and rebuilds your skin barrier too

why we love it

Think of this mask as a deep clean. Bentonite and kaolin clay draw out impurities and excess oil as antioxidants and niacinamide get to work protecting and strengthening your skin.

Best Moisturisers & SPFs

  1. 01 High Performance Moisturiser
    A.D.C. Beauty
    01 High Performance Moisturiser
    From £55.00

A beautifully nourishing moisturiser that is designed to give your skin everything it needs.

why we love it

Along with many other natural wonders, A.D.C. contains mangosteen, a fruit that’s packed full ofcatechins, a plant flavonoid that provides antioxidant protection and is great for spotty, congested and acne-prone skins.

  1. Light Moisturiser
    Esse Skincare
    Light Moisturiser

A lighter than air moisturiser that hydrates without leaving a trace of greasiness.

why we love it

As the name suggests, this is a super lightweight cream that provides hydration without leaving residue on your skin. It also contains jojoba oil which helps to regulate sebum production and reduce congestion.

  1. UberZinc
    Synergie Skin

This is a multi-tasking product that by day protects your skin from sun exposure and by night calms, hydrates, and nourishes.

why we love it

A moisturiser and SPF in one, it’s main ingredient is zinc oxide which is antiinflammatory and provides protection against UV exposure. 

Best Exfoliators

  1. reVeal
    Synergie Skin

An advanced exfoliating serum packed with all the great acids you need in your life for clear and bright skin. 

why we love it

This exfoliating serum containsSalicylic acid to mop up excess oil and scoop congestion out of the pores. Lactic acid removes dead surface skin cells for smoother skin texture and better absorption of your other serums.

  1. Microderm Exfoliator
    Esse Skincare
    Microderm Exfoliator

A gentle, refining exfoliator that gets to work on any impurities and buffs the surface of your skin for a silky smooth result.

why we love it

If you’re on the more sensitive side, this gentle physical exfoliator will gently remove excess dead skin cells and absorb excess oil without irritating or aggravating the skin.

Best for Body

  1. The Bacne Duo
    Pfeffer Sal
    The Bacne Duo
Designed to banish back breakouts in 2 easy steps.
why we love it

If you're experiencing congestion on your face, you might also experience congestion on the body too. This exfoliating spray and zinc-based moisturiser will help to resurface the skin and keep it hydrated.