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Roses Gabor

Before focusing on her own material, West London singer / songwriter Roses Gabor had already worked with some of the most impressive producers in the business, including SBTRKT, Shy FX, Machinedrum, Swindle and Gorillaz. In February, she released her debut album, ‘Fantasy And Facts’, which sees her collaborate with Grammy-winning The Stereotypes, Greg Wells, and Fred Ball, as well as venerated UK talents Team Salut, Toddla T and Sampha. We talked to Roses about the different ways she defines beauty, finding sanctuary in simplicity and the songs that give her goosebumps.

"For inside, my beauty routine is probably daily meditation"

For inside, my beauty routine is probably daily meditation.  I listen to lots of audiobooks but my favourite at the moment is “Becoming Superhuman” by Dr Joe Dispenza. I’ve listened to that book so many times. His practices and his philosophy always make me feel good. Externally, I always wash my face before bed, brush my teeth and throughout the day drink lots of water – I keep it quite simple. I’m currently taking magnesium liquid, which I really love and a vitamin called Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry.

 I didn’t have any periods for about nine months and doctors discovered I had a Prolactinoma, which is a small, benign tumor of the pituitary gland. They said there was nothing that they could do, but give me some tablets that made me feel weak, so I did some research and started taking Vitex, which I now swear by. Touch wood, everything’s back to normal again.


"I like celery juice a lot. I love pineapple, cucumber, mint, ginger and cayenne. Anything with ginger or cayenne in works for me! I love a bitter drink or something with a kick."

"Beauty comes in so many different ways. To me it’s kindness, it’s love, it’s fearlessness, it’s honesty. It’s vulnerability, it’s patience"

PS: When do you feel at your most beautiful?

RG: At the end of meditation.  When I’ve come out of a nice bath (especially with some coconut oil, a nice essential oil like frankincense and maybe rose petals) and washed my face.

PS: How do you create a sanctuary for yourself?

RG: I clean my flat! I just bought some new meditation cushions from Blue Banyan and a mat, so sitting on those immediately feels like my sanctuary. The recording booth is probably my number one though.  If it’s dark, the temperature is just right and I’m left to my own devices with a good sounding mic, I love it in there. It’s my happy place. It makes me feel free, powerful and honest. I use an app called Mediation Timer. I’m also finding Dr Joe Dispenza’s Morning and Evening Meditation on Apple Music incredibly helpful.

"If you don’t feel beautiful after you’ve had a Pfeffer Sal facial, then I don’t know what to tell you."

PS: What’s your favourite part of a Pfeffer Sal treatment?

RG: Just walking up the mews first of all. It’s very beautiful. I love the charcoal water, I love the people and I love the facials, especially the Essential. If you don’t feel beautiful after you’ve had a Pfeffer Sal facial, then I don’t know what to tell you.

PS: You mentioned you like to keep things really simple. What are your favourite skincare products?

RG: I really enjoy the oil cleanser you introduced me to. I’d never used one before, but this one is nice. I don’t really have breakouts, so I tend to use a moisturising lotion and that’s pretty much it.

PS: When you need to give yourself some attention, how do you nourish your soul?

RG: I cook really nice, clean food.  Anything with lots of vegetables, quinoa or short grain, Italian brown rice, and a good dressing with not too much oil. If I’m eating out, I really love a fake chicken burger. Maybe Impossible Burger from Crossroads LA or a mock chicken burger from Mildreds. That always makes me happy. I also take myself to the movies a lot.

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"A Change Is Gonna Come. What a phenomenal song. I could cry every time hear it. "

PS: Lastly, what are the five songs, including one of your own, that give you goosies?

RG: Sam Cooke, A Change Is Gonna Come. What a phenomenal song. I could cry every time hear it. I love pretty much everything Emiliana Torrini has ever done, but at the moment, it’s ‘Today Has Been OK’ especially. She’s just got a beautiful, soft voice and her lyrics are clear and thoughtful. ‘It’s Not Up To You’ by Bjork. ‘Morning Bell’ by Radiohead. ‘Celeste’ by Omar. And if I put one of mine in, it would be ‘I Could Be Yours.’ I really love it.  (Oops – that makes six).

Roses has curated a playlist exclusively for Pfeffer Sal ears.