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Peptides: Explained

Peptides are a notoriously buzzy ingredient so there’s a very high chance that you’ve heard of them, or even use them in your routine. But what peptides can actually do for the skin is a little more complicated than a simple claim on a bottle or in a TV ad. So, in true Pfeffer Sal form, we are here to help you gain a deeper understanding of this much-discussed ingredient so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in peptides. 

So, What are Peptides?

Peptides are naturally occurring molecules in the body which are made from short chains of amino acids; the building blocks of protein. Peptides are not just present in the skin and perform many different functions in the body from regulating blood glucose levels, stimulating collagen production, and building muscle proteins. The easiest way to understand how peptides work is to think of them as messengers in the skin that instruct your body to do different things. And different peptides have different instructions which make them fantastic at targeting different conditions, especially in the skin. 

How can they benefit your skin?

Peptides are very small which means they are able to penetrate deep into the skin where they can get to work passing on their instructions. Peptides have been proven to:

  • Address pigmentation and brighten the skin
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production, increasing firmness and skin density
  • Targeting inflammatory markers in the skin

As they support your skin’s natural processes, they are fantastic to use alongside other targeted ingredients to amplify the results. In fact, many products containing peptides already contain complementary ingredients for a multi-targeted approach. For the best results, choose leave-on formulations such as serums and creams that will stay on the skin and allow for a longer penetration time.

How do I Know if a Product Contains Peptides?

Luckily, peptides are quite easy to spot in the ingredients list as they usually contain the word ‘peptide’ in their name. There is an exception with Argireline which is the trademark name of acetyl hexapeptide-8’ which is known for it’s firming and collagen-boosting properties. 

Shop Peptides

  1. DermaCalm
    Synergie Skin

A seriously comforting moisturiser designed to calm irritation, reduce redness and keep inflammation levels to a minimum.

It contains two very special peptides: Acetyl hexapeptide – 49 and Acetyl Tetrapeptide – 40 that decrease the appearance of facial redness and visible capillaries as well as reducing the activity of inflammatory markers that are responsible for irritation and a stinging sensation. 

Best for

This is the perfect moisturiser for sensitised and irritated skin.

  1. Peptide Creme
    BOTANē Skin Actives
    Peptide Creme

A rich peptide packed creme that brings back the bounce in your skin whilst restoring it with youthful skin proteins. Visited us at the clinic? There’s a good chance that we massage this into your skin at the end of your treatment.

Peptide Creme is rich in silk peptides which are fantastic for improving moisture levels and stimulating collagen production
best for

Dehydrated and lacklustre skin

  1. enLighten
    Synergie Skin

A skin brightening serum designed to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone

enLighten contains oligopeptide-34 reduces tyrosinase activity, helping to promote a more even skin tone. 

best for

Targeting pigmentation

  1. Essence
    Shinso Skin Care

A little miracle in a bottle that’s sole job is to make your skin look youthful and vibrant. It is packed with a natural blend of 70 Japanese herbs and botanicals and ingredients so good, they’ve won Nobel Prizes.

Shinso Essence contains the aforementioned Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide 8) which is a very unique peptide that reduces fine lines in the skin.

best for

Rejuvenation and targeting fine lines and wrinkles