understanding your skin

Does the Essential Serum Work?

Our Essential Serum is our all-rounder product which we designed to deliver your best ever skin health. But before we bottled it, did you know that we’ve actually been using it in our treatments for years? So if you’ve ever admired a post Pfeffer Sal facial glow, the Essential Serum probably had something to do with it! At Pfeffer Sal, we only stock the very best products that you know will deliver results and our approach is the same with our own formulations. Does the Essential Serum Work? We know so, but keep reading to find out more about how it could benefit your skin. 

How the Essential Serum Works

The Essential Serum is a clever combination of 4 key skin actives (and not much else). The actives work together to improve skin health on all levels, from aiding repair, stimulating collagen and elastin production and delivering a heavy hit of hydration, let’s get to know them a little bit more. 

Sodium Hyaluronate

The salt form of hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate is able to penetrate deeper than traditional hyaluronic acids meaning longer-lasting hydration.


DMAE is your skin’s protector. It fights off damaging free radicals before they can begin to cause cellular damage as well as boosting your skin’s elasticity which means more bounce and a plumper appearance

Organic Silicon

Not to be confused with silicones which give products a silky smooth finish, organic silicon is a compound found naturally in our skin which will help to regenerate the epidermis and helps to facilitate the stimulation of our fibroblast cells - fibroblasts synthesize that all-important collagen

Sodium DNA

This is a repairative ingredient that regenerates damaged tissue as well as increasing skin density.

But... don't just take our word for it

“This is one of those products we refer to as a good all-rounder. I have been using it at night for two weeks, and can report very content, happy skin.” - Jessica Diner, Beauty Director at British Vogue

“It is light but impressive in its ability to hydrate, plump and smooth skin. Inspired by the post-treatment glow, this little bottle of magic is so good it gives you clinic-worthy skin.” Funmi Fetto, Observer Magazine

Pfeffer’s Sal essential serum is our top pick, combining hyaluronic acid with DMAE and two other hydrating actives to help skin look and feel supple and smooth, much like a big drink of water for the face.” Daniela Morosini, The Independent

Who It’s Best for

The Essential Serum is a great all-rounder serum for those looking to improve hydration and improve skin density and texture and rejuvenation. It’s also perfect for people who don’t like a 12-step routine as it gives your skin everything it needs in one simple step. 

Avoid If…

It’s not for you if you’re breakout-prone, experiencing acne or rosacea as it’s very active and can inflame compromised, sensitive skin

How to Make the Most of Your Essential Serum

Spread the love - apply ¼  pipette in an upward motion all over the face, neck and decolletage

Use me in a humid environment - I’ll capture moisture from the air and bring it into your skin. 

You can also apply me to the eye and lip area to plump and hydrate

I’m great to partner with your roller device for even deeper penetration

Lock me in! Stop all that precious hydration from escaping by applying a moisturiser or oil after me.