understanding your skin

Benefits of Regular Facials

Today’s facials are more than a luxury indulgence they are an investment in skin health.

As we strive to improve our overall wellbeing, we appreciate the positive effects of nutrition, hydration and exercise better than ever before, but we rarely consider how our skin can grow stronger along with our bodies. The skin is the largest organ in the body and also the one we pay the least attention to.

Regular advanced facials are the best way to find out if your skin is in tip top shape, needs anything or if it is reacting to elements such as hormones or pollution. A professional can help you truly understand your skin and optimise its health. So, how could regular treatments benefit you?

Deep cleanses your skin

Living in a big city means you are exposed to pollution, UV rays and damage caused by environmental free radicals. These accumulate on your skin's surface and can clog the pores which is where a professional deep cleanse benefits. Steam can be used to open up the pores allowing a deep cleanse, removing dirt, bacteria, oil, and other toxins without damaging the skin.

Congestion can make your skin a little dull and a bit bumpy. Extractions, which should only be performed by a skilled therapist, help to remove whiteheads and blackheads fully and hygienically without damaging your skin.


Exfoliation is the process where the dead skin cells are gently sloughed off your skin’s surface. The cells die and tend to pile up on the surface (if not removed), making your skin rough, dry and dull. It involves using acids or enzymes that thoroughly clean the skin surface, revealing a healthy layer of skin beneath.

It also increases your skin’s ability to absorb other products effectively! You might be spending a lot of money on products but find that they aren’t being absorbed by your skin. Why? Because your skin’s surface is too rough, so they cannot permeate it properly. With regular facials, your skin becomes smooth and ready to absorb the products, in and out of the clinic.


Believe it or not but your skin accumulates its own waste daily which is why it loves a good skin detox. Apart from cleansing and washing your face every day, facials are the very best way to detoxify your wee face. Therapists use ingredients, such as antioxidant-rich serum, masks, and oils, to make your face fresh and radiant. Et voila!

Reduces stress

Did you know that facial massage reduces your anxiety levels and uplifts your mood?

There are hundreds of pressure points on your face that are connected to various systems in your body and when these pressure points are massaged, your body responds to it… in a good, dare we say a great way! A sublime facial massage not only gets your skin glowing but also improves blood circulation so your cells receive lots of oxygen and nutrients that are carried along with the blood. You skip away with happier, healthier and efficient cells and a glowing face.


With more time on this planet our skin becomes increasingly prone to oxidative damage, naturally loses its elasticity as our body slows down the production of collagen and then some fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Regular treatments boost cellular regeneration and promote collagen development. Yipppeeee!

Our arsenal of powerful machines, magic hands, lotions and potions are enriched with the best of science and botanical extracts that stimulate the production of collagen, uneven skin tone and support your maintaining your best you.