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Are Beauty Tools Worth the Investment?

Beauty Tools; are they a fad or functional? Well, as with most things in life, it’s not simply one or the other. There are thousands of beauty tools now available ranging from ancient massage tools through to the most cutting edge technology and whilst some are real game changers and beneficial to skin health, there are also tools out there that are better left alone. 

So, how can you tell the good from the not so good? That’s why we’re here. But before we even get started on the tools themselves, there are a few ground rules which we need to cover so if you do invest in a beauty tool, you're optimising it's use.

Tool Rules

1 Consistency - just like all skincare, consistency is key when it comes to beauty tools. If you’re looking to invest in a beauty tool, ask yourself if you are able to keep up the hard work and use it on a regular basis. If the answer is no, then don’t buy it just yet.

2 Be Hygienic - most beauty tools will have contact with our skin so it’s paramount that you are on top of your cleaning with them, especially if you’re using needling devices that are actually going into the skin’s surface. Make sure to clean before and after every use.

3 Use the Right Technique - the correct technique is so important not just for results but in some cases for safety too. Make sure you’re following the instructions and if you want more in-depth training then book in for a virtual session with one of our therapists so they can train you.

The Tools We Love

Ready to invest in a beauty tool? Meet the tools we love

Dermalux Flex

The creme de la creme of home LED devices and the ONLY LED device we recommend at the clinic.

Why we love it

The ONLY medically certified home LED device that has proven results.

Who it's best for

All skin types. LED technology is able to address a huge range of skin conditions including but not limited to acne, rosacea, compromised skin, pigmentation, scarring, and redness.

Swiss Clinic 3 in 1 Roller

This is a beautifully crafted home needling device which is perfect for aiding penetration of your active serums

Why we love it

This skin roller enhances product penetration by up to 300% to deliver even more results from your serums. This set also includes a body roller so you can achieve radiant skin from head to toe. PLUS a virtual teaching session with one of our expert therapists to ensure you’re using the tool safely and effectively.

who it's best for

Dehydrated, lacklustre and mature skins

Elequra Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool

There’s a lot to love about this rose quartz beauty. The shape, which is designed in house, helps to target and sculpt all areas of the face.

Why we love it

Each tool is ethically sourced and hand-carved making them all a bit unique. Rose Quartz conducts heat well so warm it up to aid penetration of your serums, or cool it down to reduce inflammation and de-puff.

who it's best for

Everyone can benefit from regular facial massage but just make sure to avoid any active breakouts as the pressure of the tool could aggravate them.

Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha Tool

This tool is brilliant for performing the traditional chinese gua sha massage. 

why we love it

Gua Sha which translates to ‘scraping sand’ is fantastic for relieving muscle tension, boosting circulation, and draining toxins.

who it's best for

Gua Sha is beneficial for all skins but especially those looking for increased hydration, radiance, and a sculpting effect. 

Tools We Don't Love

As a general rule, massage tools are overall beneficial for the skin, though some will deliver better results than others. However, there are some rules that we recommend to stay well clear of at the clinic, mostly because they run the risk of damaging the skin. 

These include electric cleansing brushes, pore suction devices and any home dermaplaning kits - all these tools can compromise the barrier and if not used correctly could damage the skin and cause unwanted inflammation and scarring so it’s best to avoid these completely. Want to know more about beauty tools? Get in touch with our team.