A Man's Guide to Skin Health

Great skin health doesn’t need to be complicated. Fact.

Advanced products and treatments are much like working out with a personal trainer and will help your skin reach peak health alongside providing you with tips, tricks and a small skincare arsenal that packs a punch at home. 

We promise that with a little consistency it will make such a difference to your skin that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along.

Why is skincare important?

Did you know that due to testosterone levels men produce more oil than women? Your skin is more likely to be the perfect surface for debris, skin and pollution to stick to! Consequently, men are more susceptible to deep, large blackheads making the skin look dull and the tone uneven.

It also makes the skin more prone to attracting skin-damaging environmental pollutants. So, it’s no surprise that a thorough cleanse and the right products go a long way towards keeping breakouts at bay.

Did you also know that men also have thicker skin, and this can lead to an uneven texture? It is important to ensure dead skin cells are regularly removed and are not covering hair follicles causing breakouts or irritation. The correct treatments and home routine will provide your skin with optimum nutrition and assist natural processes such as cell turnover so you’re always putting your best face forward.

So, whether you’re just dipping your toe into the pool of skincare, or you’re already a skincare-loving guy, here’s our ultimate guide to great skin health for men.

The Facial

We might not be able to see you in the clinic right now but our virtual treatment -Sunday Facial Live – For Men is the next best thing. This virtually guided, advanced home treatment is the ideal home skin-fix to tackle dullness, dehydration and congestion. Skin should look and feel firmer, refreshed and smoother. You’ll get sent a protocol kit so all you need to do is log on, and let the therapist guide you through. 11am on 21st June 

The Products

We’re not here to fill your bathroom with lotions and potions. By having a tailored base routine full of hardworking ingredients and not much else, you’re putting your skin in a great position to stay at its best. Here are our 5 key products to get you started.

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  1. Essential Serum
    Pfeffer Sal
    Essential Serum

The Active Serum 

Essential Serum

Our all-encompassing serum is designed to deliver your best ever skin health. Packed with hydrating, regenerating, and reparative ingredients, it’s a multi-functional serum that will leave skin smoother, plumper and calmer.

  1. Cleanser 27-50ml
    Cosmetics 27
    Cleanser 27-50ml

The Cleanser


Introduce the balmy delight that is Cleanser 27 in your routine. It doubles up as a shaving cream and contains fine bamboo powder to slough off any excess skin cells that can cause ingrown hairs and congestion.

  1. Ultra Peel
    Brad Biophotonic Skincare
    Ultra Peel

The Exfoliator


BRAD Ultra Peel is your one stop shop. It’s an all-round power product that is designed to reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring, improving the skin texture whilst keeping it hydrated.

  1. Organic Peat Mask
    Vestige Verdant Organic Skincare
    Organic Peat Mask
    From £39.00

The Mask


Vestige Verdant Organic Peat Mask – This organic peat mask is our secret weapon for drawing out impurities and reducing blackheads. It also stimulates microcirculation which is essential for a fresh complexion as well as gently exfoliating for silky smooth skin. Be warned- it’s addictive.

  1. Extreme UV Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45



SPF is really the key to keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy so find one that you love and want to apply every day. The Soleil Toujours Extreme UV sinks into skin without any stickiness and its mineral only formula means that your daily application isn’t doing any harm to the oceans.