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8 Ways to... Elevate Your Skincare Routine for Summer

Just as our wardrobes reflect the seasons, your Summer skincare calls for a lighter touch. As our skin gets warmer with the weather, our pores naturally dilate to let out heat and sweat, and with that, our bodies create a layer of oil and moisture on the skin.

Our lifestyle changes too and that needs to be considered. We’re outside more which means more exposure to the sun and environmental stressors such as pollution and pollen which can both irritate and inflame the skin. 

To help maintain and boost your summer glow, here are 8 of our favourite ways to elevate your routine for super summer skin. 

Slip, slap, slop, but don’t forget about vitamin D

Sun protection is important all year round but even more so in the summer months when the sun is closest to us and we are spending more time outside. Your SPF should be broad-spectrum (this means it protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays) and our preference is a mineral sunscreen as it’s kinder to your skin and to the ocean. Apply liberally in the morning and, if you’re outside all day, reapply every 2 hours. Whilst it’s important to protect your skin, don’t forget that UV rays are required for our body to produce vitamin D. To do this, we recommend 5-30 minutes twice weekly of unprotected sun exposure. Go for larger areas such as your back, arms and legs rather than your face. 

Lighten Up

If it’s warm enough for a vest and shorts, your skincare routine should reflect this. Opt for more lightweight serums and moisturisers and don’t go too heavy on rich face oils and thick creams as these could occlude the skin and lead to congestion or irritation. If your skin is still in need of that extra nourishment, leave the richer products for the evening. Our favourite summer moisturisers are Creme 27, Hydro Moisturiser, or UberZinc. And you can’t beat a refreshing face mist for a midday cool down and refresh. We love Odacite Aloe + Immortale Hydra-Repair - best spritzed chilled.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Drink more than you think you need to. Our body loses a lot of water in a hot climate so make sure to up your water intake to balance out what your body is losing in perspiration. Keep a reusable water bottle with you and make the most of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, apples, grapes and other water-rich foods that will contribute to your hydration levels. Topically, a great hyaluronic acid goes a long way in summer; our favourite all-rounder is our Essential Serum. For oilier, acne-prone skin types, Synergie Skin HydroGel is designed for delivering lightweight hydration in humid climates and contains antibacterial lemongrass. 

Book In

A change in season is the perfect time to check in with your skin. If you want to learn more about how to care for your skin in summer, our Online Skin MOT is a private consultation with your therapist where they can advise the best treatment and home routine as well as any lifestyle tweaks that will help. 

Want a little bit of the clinic at home? We’ve just launched our June schedule of Sunday facials. This month we are focusing on Sensitivity & Rosacea, Pigmentation, Men’s, and a very exciting needling treatment coming soon… 

Easy on the Actives

Summer is not the season to go gung ho with your high strength retinol and peels. Any resurfacing treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, increasing the chances of sunburn, irritation and pigmentation. Use summer as the perfect time to take a break from your actives and focus on protecting your skin and maintaining their results through summer. Great skin boosting actives that won’t make your skin photosensitive include vitamin b, peptides, growth factors, sodium DNA, and matrixyl

Use Protection

Don’t reply on SPF alone to protect your skin from UV rays. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and green tea will help to gobble up free radicals that sun protection misses so make sure you have a great antioxidant in your routine. A hat and a big pair of sunnies are also great physical barriers and a shady spot in the park will protect you from sun rays too. Our Favourite vitamin C is the Skin Vital C B E Ferulic, and for those who can’t tolerate a vitamin C, Odacite Youthful Glow is packed full of antioxidant powerhouse acai berry.

Ac+R Youthful Glow
Ac+R Youthful Glow

Chill Out

Your skin may already be feeling hot and bothered as temperatures rise, so keep your shower and bath temperatures cooler if you can. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and can lead to dehydrated, tight, irritated skin. This is especially important if you’re prone to eczema or have rosacea prone skin as both conditions can be exacerbated by the hot weather. 

Keep it Clean

Avoid pesky seasonal breakouts by regularly cleaning sunglasses frames and the inside of your hat. Both can harbour sweat and oil that can get clogged in the skin and lead to breakouts around the forehead, bridge of the nose, and temples.