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  • Ingredient Manifesto

    Pfeffer Sal with consideration of your health, the earth, air, sea and living creatures have curated our product edit, both in treatments and retail, to ensure that no products contain the following unnecessary ingredients.

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    Real Life Retouching

    Looking to achieve an even skin tone, or reduce that redness once and for all? This AFT treatment delivers better results with less discomfort than traditional IPL.

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    1. Peptide Creme
      BOTANē Skin Actives
      Peptide Creme

      A rich peptide packed creme that brings back the bounce in your skin whilst restoring it with youthf...

      From £77.00
    2. Whipped Cleanser
      BOTANē Skin Actives
      Whipped Cleanser

      A lighter than air gel-like cleanser that leaves your skin feeling baby bottom smooth....

      From £54.00
    3. Organic Peat Mask
      Vestige Verdant Organic Skincare
      Organic Peat Mask

      This mask is a force of nature that covers your skin in the detoxifying benefits of Estonian peat....

      From £39.00
    4. Cleanser 27
      Cosmetics 27
      Cleanser 27

      A game changing 3-step balm that cleanses, removes makeup and exfoliates all in one go....

      From £40.00
    5. Argan Oil
      Kahina Giving Beauty
      Argan Oil

      A deliciously gentle but rich oil that nourishes your skin from head to toe....

      From £34.00
    6. Firming Oil
      Esker Beauty
      Firming Oil

      This gentle essential oil blend is packed with ingredients that are all dedicated to improving the f...

      From £40.00
    7. Clarifying + Mask
      Karuna Skin
      Clarifying + Mask

      A sweet drop of nature for your face all encapsulated inside an utterly glorious sheet mask....

      From £8.00
    8. Matte Mud Mask
      Karuna Skin
      Matte Mud Mask

      A mattifying mask that absorbs excess oil and improves skin texture....

      From £8.00
    9. Hydrating + Mask
      Karuna Skin
      Hydrating + Mask

      A luxurious sheet mask that serves to give your face a delicious surge of hydration....

      From £8.00
    10. Brightening + Mask
      Karuna Skin
      Brightening + Mask

      A luxurious sheet mask that makes dull and uneven skin glow like it’s been on a two week holiday....

      From £8.00
    11. Restorative Oil
      Esker Beauty
      Restorative Oil

      A botanical rich body oil that rebalances and soothes the skin....

      From £40.00
    12. Clarifying Oil
      Esker Beauty
      Clarifying Oil

      A wonderfully gentle but powerful oil packed with rose, geranium and jasmine that not only smells li...

      From £40.00
    13. Deodorant
      Modern Botany

      This botanical, aluminium-free deodorant neutralizes smells and reduces the amount you sweat. ...

      From £15.00
    14. Gift Voucher
      Pfeffer Sal
      Gift Voucher

      A gift voucher that can be spent in clinic, online, on treatments or our exclusive product edit...

      From £50.00

    104 of 104 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction