We recommend booking our signature Welcome Essential facial before taking this treatment for a more thorough analysis of your skin.


Renew You

Your skin deserves an award. Amazing as it is, it’s been with you through all your trials and tribulations, so it’s no surprise that some of it is starting to show. You might have overcome acne, spent a little too long in the sun, or just feel that your skin isn’t as plump and smooth as it used to be. The point is, Renew You will work its socks off towards restoring your skin to it’s beautiful best. This advanced resurfacing treatment targets skin tone, texture and elasticity. The targeted laser stimulates healing, working on specific areas to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pitted acne scars and pigmentation, as well as stimulating collagen and reducing pore size. As it uses heat as its primary power, it’s not for the faint-hearted and there is downtime involved but, we promise, the results will make it more than worthwhile.

£575 - 1 HR 20 MINS

Skin Type

  • Scarring
  • Acne scarring
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Laxity
  • Rough skin
  • Large pores

It Helps To

  • Promote an even skin tone and texture
  • Improve scars, medium-depth lines and wrinkles, tone and texture
  • Rejuvenate skin overall
  • Improve laxity

Down Time

  • 7-14 days depending on the intensity

Pre Treatment

  • Don’t use retinols or exfoliate for a week before this treatment
  • No hair removal for a week prior to treatment
  • No tanning or sun exposure for at least two weeks


The Ipixil 2940nm Erbrium laser is a fractional ablative treatment that works brilliantly on skin resurfacing, facial scars, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, it sounds like you’re now on the NASA website, but stay with us. 

Fractional laser targets water, so it evaporates tiny micro channels in the skin in order to create skin remodelling. Through intensive skin rejuvenation, quality is visibly improved.

Skin Education

Learn more about the very sciency sounding iPixel and LED.

what’s Involved

Before you have your full treatment done, we need to perform the skin patch test to check if your skin can tolerate the setting and this specific type of laser. Depending on your skin type, we advise a couple of weeks break between the test and treatment. The first step in your treatment will be the preparation of your skin with a thorough cleanse and application of anaesthetic cream to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Then your therapist will very precisely work around your skin. As iPixel is the most powerful laser, it will involve downtime, which will be explained by your therapist beforehand. You can expect some redness, peeling and tenderness for few days afterwards. All good things come to those who wait.

Post Treatment

Change your pillowcase and bed sheets on the night of the treatment and avoid wearing any make-up (except mineral) for the next 24 hours. Swerve the gym, sauna and steam (or any heat treatments for that matter) for 48 hours or until the skin has fully recovered and – as tempting as it might be – work your hardest not to pick or touch it. No exfoliating or extractions for one week and avoid sun exposure (including fake sun, like sun beds or fake tan) for two weeks. Make sure you use an SPF ongoing, especially if you know you’re going to be outdoors.

Make this part of your routine

We find this treatment works best as part of an ongoing programme. If you’re planning to visit us regularly why not buy a course of treatments.

Buy 3 treatments and the 4th is half price.

Buy 5 treatments and the 6th is free.