Without wanting to make this awkward, we could even go as far to say that we’re geniuses in the skin department. Too much? Oh it’s never too much when it comes to your skin.

We know skin

Imagine being so clued up on something that you could have a full-on conversation about it standing on your head whilst checking your phone, making breakfast, feeding the dog and throwing in a few head spins for good measure. That’s us with skin, only with way more head spins. Here at Pfeffer Sal, we use two of our favourite things - science and nature – to be the ultimate destination for improving skin health and making you feel at your very best. How? By combining medical treatments and pampering, giving you the best of both worlds - that’s how. Because we believe that clearer, brighter, plumper skin the natural way is the definition of happiness, and pampering should quite frankly be made a legal requirement. But we can’t take all the credit because we don’t work alone – we team up with you (yes you, *waves*) to ensure that what we are doing is best for your skin. After all, team work makes dreamy skin work. Are we on your speed dial yet?

We believe in good vibes only

Call us crazy but we like to celebrate the good rather than focus on the bad. Hey, it’s just good sense. So when it comes to your skin, negativity just isn’t part of our vocabulary; we block it out, we banish it, we will not hear it – got it? So, forget filling flaws and freezing your face, we’re more about feeding your skin the goodness it needs for optimum health and to look amazing, instead of changing it into something it’s not. What can we say? We just love you the way you are.

We give a flying f...acial

Honestly? Honesty. That’s what. Allow us to explain. As far as we know (and we know a lot) we are the only London-based clinic that doesn’t operate on a commission basis, plus we have no brand affiliations, meaning that any advice and recommendations you receive from one of our expert therapists will be given with the utmost care, direct from their own beating heart.  The team are all qualified minimum NVQ4 - not to go all ‘Top Gun’ on you but that basically means they are the best of the best (sir!) – and there are no tiers in our clinic because every single member of our team is equally brilliant (*blushes*). So, forget corporate ‘incentives to sell’ and any other kind of pointless ulterior motive, their advice is 100%, completely and utterly, absolutely, passionately honest and simply tailored to your skin’s needs, without exceptions. Oh, we’re deadly serious. This is passing the lie-detector with flying colours kind of stuff.

We'll 'treat' you good

So you want a treatment, but not just any old ‘treatment’, a treeeatment?  You’re in the right place. Let’s not ‘treat’ around the bush, we use kick-ass technology to provide you with more than just ‘a treatment’ – hey, the geekier the better. Our treatments are exclusive to Pfeffer Sal, they are not brand prescribed and each one delivers nothing but impressive results. Forget technology from the dinosaur era, we’re talking top-notch science for top-notch skin. Take our non-invasive super tool, Dermalux for example; it’s the only medically certified LED machine and is so efficient it uses three different lights to instantly revitalise, boost and correct the skin all at the same time. We only wish our social calender was that organised. Another favourite is our Alma Laser which has been a game-changer in lasers for both medical and aesthetic reasons. The machine we have is clinically proven (would you expect anything less?) and provides customizable treatment options within one session, targeting more than one skin condition. Pretty nifty don’t you think? We also use Skinpen which is the only FDA approved needling device for healthier skin and can prove zero cross contamination. So you see, skimping on quality really isn’t our strong point. All of our professional products work to our ingredients manifesto too – call us soft but unlike some, we like to side-step the ones that harm us and the planet. Expecting a baby? Our pre-natal-friendly facials are safe but don’t compromise on quality; because a woman growing a human is a superhero and a superhero deserves results. And all this whilst feeling beautifully pampered – that’s why we’re a medi spa. Medical results + relaxation = a blissful combination.