Pfeffer Sal

The Spotty Skin Duo

Blemish-busting heroes that promote a clearer complexion.
What does it do?

This pair target excess oil and bacteria as well as replenishing the skin with essential acne-fighting actives.

Best for

Those experiencing acne or hormonal breakouts

Why do i need it?

Because this duo will address breakouts at their root without drying or compromising the skin

what’s the secret?

The secret of this duo is that it can easily fit into any routine and boost results. The gentle cleanser will remove excess oil and debris without drying the skin out. The powerful oil is packed with grapeseed oil, a potent anti-inflammatory.

ZENii Papaya Cleanser: This cleanser really makes the most of natural exfoliating enzymes to decongest your skin, starting with papain, found in delicious papaya. This enzyme naturally loves to nibble away at skin impurities while Vitamin E gently removes makeup and restores the skin’s pH balance as well as providing antioxidant and free radical protection. 

Odacite Gr+G: The main star of the show is grapeseed oil; a low molecular weight oil that is so light, it can get deep into the skin, replenishing it with linoleic acid which many of our skins are deficient of - especially if you’re prone to breakouts. This omega-6 acid can dramatically reduce inflammation levels which is an important step in reducing breakouts and acne as well as strengthening your barrier function. Delicate grapefruit oil works as an antimicrobial, reducing p.acnes bacteria as well as having a gloriously uplifting scent.

skin education

Looking for more information on banishing breakouts?

Learn more about caring for acne prone skin  and how to reduce congestion

how to use it

Use the cleanser morning and evening. Add a few drops of the Gr+G oil into your daily moisturiser or use neat for a powerful treatment

it should last

4-6 weeks

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