We recommend booking our signature Welcome Essential facial before taking this treatment for a more thorough analysis of your skin.


Glow and Go

You’re a master multitasker. You’re always on the go. You can’t remember the last time you slept a full eight hours and your face is threatening to show it. If you’re willing to give us an hour of your time, we promise a facial that’s as results-driven as you are. Our restorative facial uses a hand-blended formulation of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to boost collagen and plump cells, improving the appearance of exhausted, dull and lacklustre skin. With a focus on intensive rehydration, this nourishing treatment delivers a moisture surge that’ll have you glowing like an angel.

£140 - 60MINS

Skin Type

  • Suitable for all skin types, particularly thirsty and dehydrated skin

It Helps To

  • Immediately brighten and plump
  • Act as a skin pick-me-up for any up-coming events
  • Improve skin texture and tone

Down Time

  • None

Pre Treatment

  • Don’t use retinols or exfoliate 3-5 days before this treatment
  • No hair removal for 24 hours prior to this treatment


Modified Jessner peel is on the gentler side and is used to refresh the skin, improving the appearance of mild discolouration and roughness, with the major bonus of no downtime.

Sonophoresis (a kind of ultrasound) causes cells to vibrate and create little channels for the ingredients to slip through, increasing the absorption of topical, hand-blended ingredients into the epidermis and dermis. Results keep working for days after. Just the way we like them.

Skin Education

Learn about why we can’t get enough of vitamin C, Hyalouronic acid and the Modified jessner peel.

what’s Involved

Following a double cleanse, your therapist will apply a medical grade peel to lift dead skin cells, resurface and banish blemishes. Sonophoresis technology is used to push the hand-blended formulations deeper into the dermis, while LED ensures that inflammation and redness is left at the door. We’ve also built in plenty of shoulder massage action to reduce your overall stress level. You’ll leave looking fresher and more youthful than your seven-year old self.

Post Treatment

Change your pillowcase and bed sheets on the night of the treatment and avoid wearing any make-up (except mineral) for the next 24 hours. Swerve the gym, sauna and steam (or any heat treatments for that matter) for 48 hours or until the skin has fully recovered and – as tempting as it might be – work your hardest not to pick or touch it. No exfoliating for 3-5 days and it's best to avoid extractions and sun exposure (including fake sun, like sun beds or fake tan) for the first week. Make sure you use an SPF ongoing, especially if you know you’re going to be outdoors.

Make this part of your routine

We find this treatment works best as part of an ongoing programme. If you’re planning to visit us regularly why not buy a course of treatments.

Buy 3 treatments and the 4th is half price.

Buy 5 treatments and the 6th is free.