BOTANē Skin Actives

Eye Cream

A light, gloriously hydrating and nourishing eye cream that invigorates through its aroma and tackles the first signs of fine lines with its ingredients and sinks in without a trace.
What does it do?

This eye cream contains niacinamide which is amazing for fine lines and fighting back on skin laxity. This light cream works as a wonderful everyday protector due to the anti-inflammatory kigella extract.

Best for

Its lovely natural ingredients are great for youthful eyes.

Why do i need it?

Because your eyes are often neglected and in need of a little more than what the rest of your face is getting, especially given that the skin in this area is seven times thinner so could do with a little extra dose of nourishment.

what’s the secret?

The word BOTANē comes from the Greek word for medicinal plant and they really make the most of plant power in this science-driven South African brand. Filled with natural goodness it is packed with everything from collagen-boosting hyaluronic acid to mega antioxidants like alpha loepic acid and CQ10 that will leave your skin glowing as well as protected. Not to mention the incredible cocktail of active plant ingredients including healing kigelia pinnata, morinda citrifolia and silk peptides that are fantastic for smoothing and firming, collagen boosting l-arginine, restoring niacinamide that’s packed with Vitamin B3 and moisture rich and nourishing panthenol. It really is a garden of ingredients ready to get to work.

skin education

Sensitivity is a skin condition, not type

Learn how to reduce flare ups  and strengthen the skin barrier

how to use it

Keep me cool and I’ll work harder. Pop the bottle in the fridge to keep the active ingredients as active as they should be. You only need one drop at a time with this. Pop a drop on your fingertip and gently pat around the eye starting from the bottom inner corner, this will really aid absorption, but also lightly drain any fluid, de-puffing the eye area as you go!

it should last

9-10 months

  • Essential Oil Free
  • Safe for Pregnancy
  • Fragrance Free
  • Breastfeeding Safe
  • Ingredient Manifesto

    Pfeffer Sal with consideration of your health, the earth, air, sea and living creatures have curated our product edit, both in treatments and retail, to ensure that no products contain the following unnecessary ingredients.

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  • Ingredients

    botanical aqueous infusion of morinda citrifolia, kigelia pinnata, l-arginine, niacinamide, silk peptides, magnesium sulfate, himalayan salt, purified minerale water, glycerol monostearate, aloe ferox, alpha lipoic acid, ubiquinone, vegetable-based glycerin (natural emollient), stearic acid (theobroma cacao origin), sorbitan monostearate, isopropyl palmitate (cocos nucifera origin), cetyl alcohol (cocos nucifera origin), caprylic capric triglycerides (cocos nucifera origin), sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), radish root filtrate, trichilia emetica, argania spinosa, sclerocarya birrea, allantoin (symphytum officinale origin), phenoxyethanol, ceratonia siliqua, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate.

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