The Clinic

Our little home is tucked away in Warren Mews, in the heart of Fitzrovia. We’re here to provide a little slice of holistic heaven; think peace, think serenity, think complete and utter harmony. Forget the stress, the smog and the sirens, our clinic is a pollution, work-deadline and noise-free zone. You could say we don’t give you a choice but to relax - strict house rules. You’re welcome!

We keep it clean

Just like a promising blind date, first impressions are everything. Which is why those with a keen eye for interiors will notice that the majority of our fixtures and fittings are made from copper; our clinic, c’est chic! It’s super clean too because copper is antimicrobial. Plus, our drinking water is high end stuff – it’s filtered through bichotan charcoal to remove nasties and infuse it with essential minerals. So you see, as water goes, it’s pretty elite. Air-cleaning plants work in synergy with our NASA-specification air purification systems to remove moisture, any pesky airborne viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compounds to keep the air less city-like, more fresh-as-a-daisy (like). What can we say? Why shouldn’t the air you breath be as clean as our product edit?

We aim to inspire

In the name of staying stylish and because we’re passionately passionate about the arts, we work with an artist every six months to bring our wonderful little space to life. We think having creative stimulus around the place is pretty vital actually, not just because it looks blooming gorgeous but because we feel it goes rather cleverly with our theme (even if we do say so ourselves) – changing people’s perceptions and therefore inspiring them to look after and improve their skin. Right now, we are adorning our walls with the oh-so-beautiful work of Paul Hallahan to give you your little pleasure fix as you waft through our corridors. And that’s even before you’ve had your treatment. Happy musing!

We heart Planet Earth

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re having an ongoing love affair with the planet. And it’s serious. To show our true commitment, we use recycled and reclaimed building materials where possible, all in the name of sweet sustainability. It’s pleasing on the eye too – our 1830s doors came from a reclaimer’s yard in the Midlands and look pretty damn dashing if we may say so. We never thought we’d say that about a door but hey, it’s the Pfeffer Sal effect. In fact, we’re never not thinking about how we can reuse things – even the used charcoals from our filtered drinking water make handy shoe refreshers for our team. Green? Us? You bet!