Pfeffer Sal

The Bacne Duo

Designed to banish back breakouts in 2 easy steps.
What does it do?

This pair will target breakouts with powerful resurfacers and anti-inflammatory ingredients for a smoother, calmer back

Best for

Those experiencing breakouts across the body, which most commonly occur on back and chest

Why do i need it?

Because sometimes your skin needs some extra assistance targeting your body breakouts, and the usual shower gel just isn’t cutting it

what’s the secret?

The secret to the Back to Front duo are the plethora of actives in both products that will work together to reduce breakouts, smooth skin texture, tackle redness and target pigmentation too. 

Bacne: Bacne works its magic by combining exfoliating powerhouses with soothing and antimicrobial ingredients. Lactic acid nibbles away at dead skin cells before they can clog the pores while salicylic acid works away in the pores scooping out debris, dissolving excess oil, and reducing inflammation. To prevent further breakouts from forming, lemongrass and lavender oils destroy the p.acnes bacteria that have caused all the trouble in the first place. 

UberZinc Body: Zinc is an incredible ingredient when it comes to skincare and this product is full of it. Not only does it block UV rays from the sun but it’s non-irritating, healing and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great one for anyone with sensitive skin or post-treatment skin. Zinc also prevents acne breakouts by regulating oil production- there isn’t much it can’t do.

skin education

Looking for more information on banishing breakouts?

Learn more about caring for acne prone skin  and how to reduce congestion

how to use it

Apply the Bacne onto cleansed skin by spraying the area directly, or swiping on with a cotton 2-3 times a week. Use UberZinc Body daily after cleansing to protect the skin and encourage healing.

it should last

6-8 weeks

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