The Brains Behind the Beauty

Andrea Pfeffer, Founder Pfeffer Sal

As a complete beauty junkie, I have never, ever skimped on my beauty routine! No distance was too great to see specialist facialists and via these adventures, (some good, some not so good) I became increasingly aware of how important it was to have a positive and supportive experience.

The use of over complicated language in the industry and a huge lack of clear information available didn’t leave me with confidence when making choices about treatments or products (I’m known for leaving no stone unturned) so I thought what happens to those people who don’t have time or the headspace to dig deeper? 

I wanted to learn more and make really informed choices, which led me to believe there was space for a clinic with a fresh perspective: a place that offered clear beauty advice focused on enhancing the positives without encouraging your insecurities.

When I found myself itching for a career change (I ran my own PR agency specialising in wellness and fashion), opening a skincare clinic which fused my beauty and wellness obsession, effervescent, pure Aussie-positivity and style felt like the next natural step. 

My aim was to create a beauty haven with a supportive, easily digestible, scientific, common sense philosophy. I felt the industry was missing a holistic beat. I wanted to open a modern (no muzak or whale humping sounds) nurturing space where you could find skincare solutions, without being given the hard sell or made to feel as if they were on a constant quest to look like someone else. 

Through education, offering straight forward advice and support I want our clients to be celebrating the good without focusing on the bad, helping to bring out their existing, natural beauty. That’s what Pfeffer Sal does.