You have probably seen masks like this popping up on your Instagram feed. Although they were very timely launching in the UK around the same time Star Wars came out, they promise more than a great fancy dress option. The LED mask truly delivers a sci fi approach to skincare that actually works!

At Pfeffer Sal we believe in combining nature, science and technology to create facials that have truly outstanding, long lasting results.

The LED Opera mask has a similar effect to how a plant uses sunlight to grow and rejuvenate.

The Opera mask utilises clinically proven LED (Light Emitting Diode), which harnesses the skins ability to absorb key light wavelengths to encourage collagen production and heal, as well as reduce inflammation. When you combine this technology with our myriad of facials we are able to achieve effective and outstanding results.

For February 2016 the LED mask will be a complimentary treat in all treatments at the clinic.

There are two key benefits from LED:

  1. Acne Treatment

For those concerned with acne, our Opera LED mask uses blue light to reduce acne-causing propionibacterium, tightens pores and helps heal infected spots.

  1. Skin Health

Those concerned with aging, skin health, sensitive skin and inflammation will find our red light is extremely effective in stimulating collagen production, which is an important component of youthful skin.

Of course, both light settings can be combined with all treatments. It is extremely safe and a highly effective way to encourage skin health and stimulate cell renewal.

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