Getting your beauty sleep is one piece of advice that has stood the test of time and for good reason! The results from a good night’s sleep cannot be bottled so make sure it’s a top priority in your skin health routine.

Why? Well, while you’re focusing on getting your all-important shut eye, your skin wakes up.  Repair and renewal are at their highest at this time as is collagen production so any actives that you apply in the evening will better received that in the day time- your skin will welcome them with open arms!

Not a sound sleeper? If the lavender drops aren’t quite cutting it, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help your drift away and let your skin do all the hard work.

Make friends with airplane mode

Blue light emitted from our digital devices disturbs our circadian rhythm so it’s important to limit screen time for the last hour before bed each night. And if you can’t resist a quick scroll, switching your phone to night time mode will filter out any blue light and help you rest a little easier.

Begin belly breathing

Focusing on your breathing will not only reduce your heart rate and stress levels, it’s also a great distraction if your mind is still going at a million miles an hour. Belly breathing is the most calming kind, and remember, for maximum relaxation make the exhale longer than the inhale.

Eat yourself to sleep

We’ve been inspired by Lorraine Pascale’s recipes to help you sleep (read here) and will be incorporating more foods rich in tryptophan into our dinner. Sources include pumpkin seeds, chicken, soy beans and lentils. Tryptophan helps to regulate our serotonin, the hormone responsible for triggering sleep.

Establish a routine

Whether it’s a cup of hot cocoa, a bedtime read or 10 minutes of meditation, getting into a routine will train your body and mind into getting ready to sleep. Even your skincare routine can get you in the mood so try spending a little more time massaging in your products to relax and calm your mind.

Try Magnesium Oil

Spraying magnesium onto the tops of your feet will ensure maximum absorption of this amazing mineral!
Magnesium supports hundreds of functions in your body and is an incredible muscle relaxant. It also helps to decrease the stress hormone cortisol so it a great addition to your night time routine to help you de-stress and have a restful night’s sleep.

And remember, as with most things, give it some time and skin should looked renewed, fresher and healthier!